Sandblasted or Routed Signs (3D)

Stand out from the crowd with a long-lasting three-dimensional sign. A quality statement is made when your sign reaches out to prospective customers. Sandblasted signs can last many times longer than traditional vinyl materials.

Sandblasted or routed signs are a great option for residential entrances, business park tenant signs, development directional signage, and golf courses. We can provide a solution that will leave a lasting impression.

We are here to show you examples, answer questions, and help you design a specialty sign.


Popular Substrates

HDU (High Density Urethane) - HDU is the most popular material to use for sandblasted signs. It is impervious to rot and insects and unaffected by temperature changes. HDU is readily available, carves easily, paints beautifully, and is stable. It ends up looking just like painted wood.

Cedar - Cedar works well as a sign building material. It resists bugs and rot and is easily sandblasted. The resulting signs can last many years. The limitations of this material is that it is a natural product and eventually is subject to decay. Cedar is also becoming more challenging to come by.

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Sandblasted or Routed Signs